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Хэрэв танд CV бичих хэрэгтэй байгаа бол

Бидний хэлж заншсан CV буюу Curriculum Vitae нь ажилд ороход хэрэгтэй байдаг учраас 4-р курсынхандаа зориулж хэдэн жишээ тавилаа. Хэрэг болох байх гэж найдаж байна. Амжилт хvсье.


Jennifer Padgett

Permanent address:
100 Gun Fury Road4
Sedona. AZ 86340
Telephone: (602) 555-5555
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Educational History
High School Diploma. Sedona High School, June 1995
Bachelor of Arts degree. Bumpers State University
Major: Psychology
Anticipated June 2000

Relevant Work Experience

Teaching Assistant
Introductory psychology course. Bumpers State University. Fall 1998. quarter-lime. Prepared and delivered lectures on long-term memory research, classical and operant conditioning models, and jury selection research Graded short essay exam questions and consul led with students about their term projects. Led tutoring lessons for an hour each week. Supervisor: Neil Mancuso, PhD

Research Assistant Participated in LI programmatic team effort leaching computer applications to children Saltine Institute, Flagstaff. Summer 1998 full -time. Co-taught the six- session training sessions to 4- to 7-year- old children Filtered data. Supervisor: Bettina Clarence, PhD

Relevant Academic Activities
Assisted the department chair. Dr, Robert Smith, at Bumpers State University in setting up the computer laboratory in the Psychology Department. Spring 1998 Served as peer advisor (volunteer) to undergraduate students. Psychology Department, Bumpers Slate University, Fall 1998-Spring 1999

Other Work Experience
Retail Sales Clerk: Halsey Department Store, Flagstaff. AZ, June 1995-June 1997, 20 hours per week.

Extracurricular Activities
Chess, music (play organ and piano), and running


Gary S. Brian

College Address:
Claremont College
Box 1000
Claremont, CA 91711
Permanent Address:
9951 Login Avenue Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 555-5555


{September 1995-present} Claremont College, Claremont, CA

Specialized course work included advanced physiological psychology, advanced statistic philosophy of science, upper division chemistry and biology, advanced mathematics, and computer science courses. (Graduation with BA degree in psychology anticipated May 2000) Chatsworth High School, Chatsworth. CA. Graduated with Gold Cord ("Highest Academic Honors") in June 1996.

Relevant Work Experience

Stone Tools. Reseda, Ca (May-August 1997 and January 1999)
Assistant to the vice president of operations Created computer inventory control system Worked in many capacities during the research and development phase. Conducted consumer preference studies Supervisor Sieve Anderson

Midstate College Foundation.
Los Angeles (May-August 1999)
Research assistant for a funded survey project Selected 2000 survey respondents and prepared surveys to be -nailed. Supervisor: Dr Kenneth Christ

Veterans Administration Hospital.
Sepulveda, CA (September 1995-June 1996) Volunteer on psychiatric wards one-half day; per week. Supervised patient recreational activities.
Supervisor: Judy Walter, MSW

Other Interests

Politics and current affairs, basketball (college varsity team)


Abby Gerald
71386 Tenth Street. Apartment 6A
Chestnut NN Ma 02167

Educational Background
June 1986. High School Diploma. Bon High School.Bon.Ma
June 1991.BA.cum laude, in biology from bowl State University. Midtown.VA
June 1994. MA in psychology from Weston University, Weston, NY
Master’s Thesis
Gerald. A. (1994). Memory strategies test performance, and text anxiety in college freshmen. Advisor: Marcus D. Fillipson. PhD

Research Publication and paper presentation
Gerald. A. and Racimora. A (1994). Memory strategies of college freshmen. National Journal of

Educational Psychology.11 3-6
Gerald. A. (1993.October). Practice effects on the motivation to succeed. Paper presented at the Rocky Mountain Undergraduate Research Conference, Boulder, CO.

Professional Group Memberships
Elected to Psi Chi, 1989. Chapter vise president. 1990. Organized Chapter Graduate School Forum, Fall 1990.
American Psychological Association, student affiliate.1989-Present.
American Psychological Society, student affiliate 1989-Present

Awards and Honors
Golden Triangle Scholarship, 1990. Awarded annually by the Midtown Community Psychology Society
Honorable Mention. Bowl State University Annual Research Competition, 1990. For paper on memory strategies listed above

Work Experience
Clairns Adjuster, Tri-City insurance company, Boston, June 1986 to August 1987

Speak fluent Spanish


Robin Banks

School Address
123 Lion Hall
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 555-555

Permanent Address
89 Grant St.
New Hope, PA 19250
(215) 555-555

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA in finance, December 1997
GPA. 3.4/4.0

Relevant Experience
Corporate Finance Financial Accounting
Financial Management Managerial Accounting
Commercial Bank Management
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Speech Communications

Work Experience
IBM, Philadelphia, PA
Pre-professional Tax Analysis
June-December 1997
-Filed monthly sales tax returns
-Audited monthly exception reports
-Interpreted tax laws for branch offices
Smith Barney, State college, PA
Sales Associate
December1996-May 1997
-Initiated marketing strategy for new fund
-Developed skills in prospecting and presenting
-Managed spreadsheet database
Camille’s Clogs, NJ
Assistant manager
May-August 1996
-Helped supervise three part-time employees
Calculated daily sales
Assisted in ordering new merchandise

Campus Activities
Economics Association, 1995-1997
-Actively participated in functions and meetings
Peer Tutor Program, 1995-1996
-Tutored fellow students in calculus and Quantitative Business Analysis
Intramural Tennis, 1993-1997
-Played singles and doubles

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